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Patio Contractors Indianapolis

Platinum Patio is one of the top-rated patio contractors in the Indianapolis area. With over 100 five-star Google reviews, an authorized Belgard patio contractor,  and an authorized Unilock patio contractor, you are in good hands.

Let our team design you the outdoor patio of your dreams!

Patio Builders Indianapolis

Proud Patio Installer and member of the Carmel IN, Indianapolis, and Zionsville IN.

Paver Patio Carmel IN

Transform your backyard into a beautiful outdoor living space with a new paver patio! Platinum Patio offers a variety of different patio designs and patio options in the Carmel IN, Indianapolis, and Zionsville IN areas.

Patio Contractors Carmel IN

We service the Carmel IN and surrounding Indianapolis areas.


Interested in a low-maintenance deck? We also build Trex and TimberTech composite decks! Learn more HERE

Deck Builder Zionsville Indianapolis

In addition to building patios Platinum also specializes in Trex and Timbertech decking. As a Trex Pro Platinum and TimberTech Platinum deck builder, no one is better equipped to take your project than us! 

With 100’s of 5-Star reviews, our deck-building projets are some of our crown jewels!

Check out our deck and patio projects at our Gallery below. The Gallery also shows project details including approximate cost and square footage.

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What makes Platinum Patio different than other patio contractors in Carmel IN, Zionsville IN and Indianapolis areas?

Platinum Patio is different than all other patio contractors in Indy. When homeowners contact Platinum Patio through our website, we will give you a call to set up an absolutely free estimate. Our patio estimate scheduler will give you an absolutely free phone call to help schedule a free estimate with our design and sales representative who is in your specific area. Our design and sales team then creates a completely free paver patio design, 3D rendering, and proposal to enhance your outdoor space. When searching for patio contractors in Indianapolis, it is important to understand exactly what is included in the scope of work. Platinum Patio’s responsiveness is unmatched, as we are a lot more attentive to our clients than other construction services in Carmel and all over the Indianapolis area. Platinum Patio and your new design and sales representative work 24/7 in order to deliver a high-quality experience and is always available to update client proposals in terms of scope of work, change in design, or to answer any questions. Our design and sales team makes it super easy to reserve a spot in our patio building schedule in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas.


Check out our project gallery HERE

Why choose Platinum Patio In Indianapolis?

Platinum Patio specializes in building the best patios and outdoor living spaces in Carmel, Indiana, and anywhere in the Indianapolis area. We take pride in every single home improvement project, and our workmanship is impeccable. Homeowners appreciate our solid communication throughout the entire process, leading to extreme customer satisfaction. Platinum Patio has a ton of great reviews on Google and other sites. We take pride in being the best patio builders in central Indiana. Platinum Patio makes the entire process of bringing your dream paver patio to life very simple. With years of experience in patio design, we can transform just about any area into an amazing outdoor living space.

Please check out our patio services HERE

If Located in Illinois, Please visit our sister companies Platinum Decking and Platinum Patio and Pavers IL

Additional Information on different decking products can be found HERE

Discover some of our work in Carmel, Zionsville, and Indianapolis

Hardscaping Indianapolis


Why do we specialize in Hardscapes and Patios in Carmel IN?


When designing the perfect outdoor living space, we take into account the location, budget, longevity of the project, and many other factors. We specialize in hardscapes and patios, including outdoor kitchens, paver driveways, retaining walls, fire pits, and outdoor lighting. Platinum Patio creates masterpieces, and we service areas all around Carmel, Noblesville, Fishers, Zionsville, and the Indianapolis area. Patios are the perfect option to enhance your backyard space in Indiana because most homeowners currently have small, concrete slabs that do not allow them to be able to enjoy their property and landscape design. Instead of having to build an extra room addition or a sunroom to enjoy the outdoors, our clients appreciate that brick patios give the same feel, and are a lot more affordable. Our patio designs are also unmatched, as we maximize the usable space to create a unique design that is more functional for our client’s needs. We are able to incorporate fire pits, outdoor kitchens, and grilling areas, which other general contractors wouldn’t typically think about.


Pro’s and Cons of Specializing in only Patios and Hardscapes

Platinum Patio specializes in creating the best paver patios out of any other outdoor living or home improvement company in all of Indiana. By only focusing on patios and hardscapes, our design team and production crews can easily deliver a paver patio that will not only look great but will also last longer than any of our competitors’ projects. Homeowners appreciate the knowledge our team has when it comes to every aspect of building a paver patio. When constructing a new patio, we know how deep to dig, what materials to fill properly fil the base with, and the type of paver to install that would look best for any house. This makes both patio design and patio installation a breeze. Platinum Patio is confident we can bring any client the low-maintenance stone patio of your dreams. The cons of specializing in only patios and hardscapes is the fact that some homeowners may also need work done in other parts of their house. Although it would help add work for the company, our builders may not know the most optimal way to complete those other projects. We stick to what we do best, building the best stone patios in indy.

Learn more about patio maintenance HERE


See approximant project pricing HERE

Platinum Patio quality standards in Carmel IN

Platinum Patio specializes in building paver patios in the Indianapolis Indiana area. The quality of our patios is unmatched, due to the experience we have in the Midwest. Delivering quality all around is the most important to us. We know in order to build a paver patio that lasts in Carmel and the Indianapolis area, the base of the patio has to be dug about twice as deep as other patio contractors in Indianapolis Indiana. Unlike other Indianapolis patio contractors who like to use random road gravel as their base, our patio builders will use crushed limestone. We will then install flowering fabric to make sure weeds or other plant material don’t come up through the joints of the paver patio. After that comes more crushed limestone, leveling sand, and your new beautiful Belgard pavers. It is all finished with G2 polymeric sand in order to help hold the patio in place while also giving it a stunning finish. Other Indianapolis deck builders, deck contractors, or other contractors in general, don’t necessarily know about this process, since they don’t specialize in patio building in Indianapolis. Whether Platinum Patio is building a basic, smaller patio, to installing outdoor kitchens, fire pits, or lighting, we take pride in our quality standards. We are so confident of patios will last, we offer a free warranty on all of our patios.

Belgard Pavers Indianapolis 

Belgard Warranty on Pavers

Belgard offers a lifetime transferable warranty when built following the guidelines of ICPI, The NCMA, or the Belgard Installation Guideline Manual. Belgard warranties all of their pavers and walls. All homeowners in and around Indianapolis, Indiana should feel at ease, as Belgard warrants its work for residential properties, but not commercial ones. A normal handyman or landscaping company around Carmel, Fishers, Greenwood, Westfield, or another Indy suburb may not build the paver patio correctly, which often voids Belgard’s warranty. Platinum Patio has years of experience to assure Belgard that our patios are not only built to code but are built extra well to assure all of our clients receive the lifetime material warranty from Belgard. If there ever is an issue, a Belgard service representative will review and resolve the issue within about 10 business days.

What are Belgard pavers made of?

Belgard manufactures three different types of patio stones. They create concrete patio pavers, porcelain pavers, and permeable pavers for any home improvement project. Concrete pavers are their most popular, with the most lines available. They are very durable and provide the highest level of customer satisfaction out of any of their products. Their porcelain pavers are stunning and can either be placed on top of existing concrete, or in replacement of the original layout. It all depends on the type of porcelain paver being used for the project. They are not as thick or durable as Belgard’s concrete paver, but they are a very good choice for certain outdoor structures projects such as ones around pool decks or sunrooms. These pavers also tend to be a little more expensive than the concrete or permeable patio. Permeable patios are used when a client may have water issues or concerns. These patios are recommended when their landscape is sloping, such as driveways and some walkways. Permeable patios allow water to drain more than a traditional or porcelain patio would.

Learn about some of our favorite Belgard Products HERE


Visit Belgard’s site for all products HERE

Is Belgard a good paver?

Belgard is the leading manufacturer of paver patio stones in all of North America. Their popularity among patio contractors in Noblesville, Greenfield, Zionsville, Brownsburg, and all other parts of Indianapolis is unmatched compared to its competitor, Unilock. Patio builders prefer Belgard due to its beautiful decorative concrete look for any hardscape or outdoor living project. Belgard’s patio designs are perfect for the Indianapolis area because they can handle the weather, and enhance every outdoor living area it’s installed in. Construction services love using Belgard’s Pavers as they are a great fit for any outdoor living space.

Where are Belgard pavers manufactured?

Belgard manufactures its fire pits, outdoor kitchens, retaining wall blocks, and the rest of its products in Nashville, Tennessee. This is a very convenient location for them as they are very close to Indiana, and can ship their products in a very timely manner. They can reach all parts of the United States, making them the largest and most popular paver manufacturer in Indiana and the rest of the country. Other competitors only specialize in certain parts of the country, making them less knowledgeable about the climate of other areas. Belgard has been perfecting their pavers for years, and specializes in all climates, including Indiana’s.

What is the strongest paver pattern?

With proper workmanship, the strongest paver pattern is the herringbone pattern using three different sizes of pavers. A great example of this is Belgard’s Dimensions line from the Metropolitan collection. These patterns can hold a lot more than a pergola. With a properly built base, these pavers laid in the herringbone pattern have been proven to hold up the longest, withstand the most weight, and look the nicest out of any other paver. Platinum Patio doesn’t recommend using the smaller formatted pavers for a typical patio, but there are certain cases where it is necessary. Either way, pavers being laid in the herringbone pattern are the strongest and ultimately last the longest.

Why choose Platinum Patio over a general contractor in Carmel IN?

We specialize in building patios, while other general contractors do a little bit of everything, and don’t specialize in building paver patios. Other patio builders in Indianapolis will also contract other work, such as landscaping, deck building, pool maintenance, other remodeling services, or other work trades. Being so diverse doesn’t allow these other companies to focus and master a single trade. This causes them to skip steps since they aren’t as knowledgeable about perfecting the paver patio, and their quality workmanship sufferers because they aren’t specialized in building paver patios in the Indianapolis area. Platinum Patio only focuses on building the best, highest quality paver patios in Carmel Indiana, and the surrounding suburbs. Platinum Patio knows the exact way to build a paver patio that will last through the unique weather in Carmel, Noblesville, Fishers, Westfield, Greenwood, Zionsville, and the surrounding areas.

Platinum Patio is a Unilock Authorized Contractor

Platinum Patio is proud to be a Unilock Authorized Contractor. Having a great relationship with our paver supplier makes it easy to order and receive the best materials for our clients. Our favorite pavers from Unilock are their Beacon Hill Flagstone, and Beacon Hill Smooth pavers under the Enduracolor Line. These pavers come in many different colors and patterns, in tones of browns or grays. These pavers come in a combination of three larger formatted-sized pavers, which enhances the look of the patio when it is installed They both have a protectant layer of extra color that allows the paver to keep its beautiful finish even if the paver itself gets scratched. Just like how Unilock continues to update their technology in their pavers, we at Platinum Decking will use the newest and best methods to construct your brand-new patio from the base up.

Platinum Patio is a Belgard Authorized Contractor

Being an Authorized Contractor with Belgard is very important to us. Belgard is the paver manufacturing company that supplies us with the highest quality pavers for building in Indiana. This means we are able to get some of the best prices for our pavers, and we are happy to pass those savings on to our clients. We will still use the best materials to fill the base of the patio and are happy to be working with Belgard in creating our masterpieces. The paver we like to use the most from Belgard is the Dimensions paver under the Metropolitan Line. This paver has a stunning design in any color you choose, and is also larger formatted, preventing the patio from unraveling over time compared to a smaller formatted paver. Belgard is also the industry leader in outdoor fireplaces and other additions to the patio. Being able to work with Belgard gave us the knowledge to be able to create the perfect patio in the Indianapolis area.

Custom Paver Patios


Outdoor Fire Pits


Paver Driveways and Walk Ways


Platinum Patio estimate process in Carmel IN

Platinum Patio provides our clients with the most personal and detailed estimate process in Indianapolis. We strive to assist all homeowners in creating a beautiful outdoor living space and make the process as effortless as possible for our clients. As soon as a homeowner reaches out for a quote, our estimate scheduler will reach out via phone call to schedule a completely free estimate. Our design and sales specialist will then come out to your home at a time that is convenient for you to take measurements of the desired patio area, and discuss different paver options from Belgard. This member of our team will help you every step of the way in creating and sending you a free estimate proposal. These proposals include the scope of work, materials that will be used during your project, a 3D rendering of your proposed project, and pictures of our other projects that are similar to your proposed project. This will help bring the overall vision to life. After our design and sales personnel assists our clients in making any changes or answering any questions homeowners may have, clients typically choose to move forward with us. Platinum Patio will then schedule a design consultation, where your design and a sales representative will come over to your house with our Production Manager to take any final measurements and to go over the scope of the job to make sure everyone is on the same page about all details of the project. We will then schedule your job to start, and our amazing crews will build the patio of your dreams.

Understand more about our Platinum customer experience HERE


Customer Service at Platinum Patio Carmel IN

The responsiveness of every member of our team is unmatched by any other landscapers or general contractors in Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville, Westfield, Greenwood, Broad Ripple Village, or anywhere else in Indy. We are proud to provide the best hardscaping experience for all of our clients. From our design and sales team to our construction services personnel, our staff will always put you at ease and strive to deliver you the paver patio of your dreams. Platinum Patio’s personnel in central Indiana tends to communicate with our clients more than other patio contractors in Indiana. We are available to answer any questions or change the proposal’s scope of work, design, and 3D rendering at any time. We are also very responsive when it comes to scheduling design consultations, material drop-offs, and project start dates. Our clients are always aware and updated every step of the way.

Only hiring the best personnel at Platinum Patio – relationships are every and finding great partners

Since Platinum Patio only hires the best personnel, our craftsmanship in every category of the business is unmatched by any deck builder or home improvement company in Carmel and the Indianapolis Indiana area. We only hire employees with a proven track record of being one of the most experienced and successful in their previous jobs. Our design and sales team have all previously run very successful businesses, and know how to assist any client with designing the perfect patio. Our builders are also the most experienced in the area. They don’t do roofing, build sunrooms, clean gutters, install screen porches, construct room additions, put up awnings, or build wood decks. All of our paver patio builders do what they do best, and that is to construct the perfect paver patio for all of our clients. Being able to focus on one form of construction, with all the best personnel allows Platinum Patio to become the leader in the paver patio industry.


Our design process at Platinum Patio

Whether our clients have a new home, an old home, or anything in between, we can design any paver patio with ease. Many homeowners tend to want additions such as fire pits, outdoor kitchens, lighting, and other additions to their patios. We will always provide a ton of pictures that are similar to your proposed project, as well as a 3D rendering that shows the exact patio design we plan on building. While a handyman or other home services company may scribble a quick design and a price on a piece of paper and stick it in your mailbox, our design team will take the time to handcraft a custom proposal. We will work hand in hand with all of our clients to help change the design and scope of the project, to perfectly fit any homeowner’s needs. We will send our clients as many 3D renderings as you need, to make sure we will be installing the perfect paver patio.

Please see the link to see a list of our services provided- Click Here

How we maximize your dollar with design at Platinum Patio

With years of experience, we can design any patio with almost any budget. We pride ourselves on extreme customer satisfaction with our optimal patio designs. When choosing the right renovations for your new paver patio, Our design and sales team will maximize your dollar with design by giving you as much usable space as possible. Although many clients may believe a square patio is the most cost-effective, our quality workmanship in the design of every paver patio leads to a unique creation that maximizes the usable space of your yard. We will advise you of the cost differences between different options for your yard, such as a new deck being about twice as expensive from a deck contractor or construction LLC in Carmel Indiana. To maximize your dollar, we will advise against expensive add-ons such as pergolas or outdoor fireplaces but may recommend a small retaining wall. Every client is different, and our team at Platinum Patio is here to walk you through it all.

What Makes A Platinum Patio

When building in Carmel, Indiana, Platinum Patio works on new homes, old homes, and really any home that needs assistance with their outdoor living space. Our homeowners get a quote based on the square foot of the paver patio area, and other features or add-ons to fit our client’s desires. We provide a free patio design and assist our clients by providing a 3D rendering along with every quote so our homeowners know the exact scope of the project.

How much does it cost to put in a stone patio in Carmel?

Concrete pavers are a relatively affordable option to have installed in your yard, especially compared to building wood decks. A typical patio can cost anywhere from $9,000 to $30,000, depending on the square feet of the paver patio, and extra features and additions such as retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, fireplaces, and patio lighting. Platinum Patio works with any budget to create your dream outdoor living space.

How much does a 20×20 paver patio cost in Indianapolis Indiana?

A 20ft by 20ft patio in Indy typically costs around $15,000. That price can go up depending on the use of additions to the patio. If you were to build a Retaining wall, install a firepit, or add lighting, then price will go up. Compared to a deck, this is far less expensive to cover the same amount of backyard space. A 400 square foot deck will typically cost $25,000 in the Indianapolis area making a paver patio a great option for any client in Indy.

What stone is best for a patio?

When building a beautiful patio, walkway, or driveway, to enhance your outdoor living space, it’s important to use the right paving stones. Products such as Belgard’s Dimensions under their Metropolitan line. This paver is perfect for any location in the yard and is permeable, so it’s ideal for pool decks as well. Unilock’s Beacon Hill flagstone is a very similar product. These pavers last a long time and look great due to their larger formatted paver. Some clients with a larger budget may choose to use a natural stone, but is not recommended for all of our clients.

Does adding a patio increase home value?

Adding a hardscape or a paver patio definitely increases home value. By replacing an area of grass or mulch with brick pavers, you maximize your outdoor space. There is more space to do more activities such as grilling, being able to dine outdoors, enjoying a fire pit, and many other options. This makes your home more desirable than it costs to have a paver patio installed in the Indianapolis, Indiana area. Snow removal is also a breeze, as homeowners only need a plastic shovel to clear up their beautiful patio.

How do I build a patio area on a budget?

Homeowners can still have a beautiful patio constructed, no matter the budget. To save on cost, homeowners must take into account the square footage of the patio, as well as extra additions. In order to build the most budget-friendly patio, we suggest a patio of around 300 square feet, without any extra add-ons. Platinum Patio will always recommend using middle to higher quality Belgard paver, because the material cost between the Legacy or lower quality paver to the Metropolitan, or middle tier product line is very slim.


Unilock vs Belgard

Unilock and Belgard are the leading manufacturers of paver patios, fire pits, retaining walls, and many other patio products in the midwest. One of Unilock’s most popular products is the Beacon Hill Flagstone paver under the Enduracolor line. Belgard tends to offer very similar lines of paver patios. Belgard is even more popular in towns such as Carmel, Noblesville, Westfield, Fishers, and Zionsville. Even though they both offer similar products, Belgard offers stunning outdoor Fireplaces and a few other products that actually get sold and rebranded to Unilock. In Indiana and the Indianapolis area, Belgard is definitely the way to go.

Patio installer vs landscaper

When searching for a landscape company in Indiana, It’s important to look for the right team. Landscaping projects come in all different forms, whether it’s lawn care such as mowing, trimming, or putting in mulch to landscape design, where homeowners are redesigning their outdoor living space. A lot of these landscape companies do a little bit of everything, but do not specialize in a single area. This is where homeowners need to be careful. 

Paver patio installers on the other hand specialize in hardscaping, which means they install pavers, usually in the form of a paver patio or paver walkway. Platinum Patio specializes in patio installation of concrete pavers, delivering our clients with a brand new patio. We are the best at what we do because we focus on delivering a low-maintenance, full-service experience to all of our clients.

Learn more, The Platinum Experience

Different bases – Pro’s and cons of each

When building a stone patio, it’s important to always start with the base. Most landscape design companies will dig about four inches into the ground, and then fill that space with road gravel and then leveling sand. This is not the proper way to build a base in Indiana for many reasons. When you build a base like this, water and snow end up washing away the sand and gravel from underneath the concrete pavers, causing unleveling and cracking of the stone patio. This also allows weeds to start growing in between the cracks of the paver patio itself.

Instead, Platinum Patio digs about 8-10 inches down into the ground, over twice as deep as other landscape design companies. We then fill the space with crushed limestone, which is ideal for durability, and allows water to safely filter through, and away from the house. On top of the limestone, we install landscaping fabric to make sure weeds or other unwanted plant material never come through to the paver patio. On top of the flowering fabric comes more crushed limestone, followed by leveling sand and then finally Belgard’s concrete pavers. We like to build our bases to stand the test of time. Platinum Patio would rather overbuild a base to make sure it lasts, rather than cut corners like most landscape companies in Carmel, Indiana.

Different types of pavers- pro’s and con’s from low end to high end

When Looking at Belgard’s paver patio products, they offer a few different lines at different price points. Starting with their Legacy Line, it is their least expensive paver but on the other hand, isn’t very ideal for building a brick paver patio. This is mainly due to the size of the paver itself. In Carmel, Indiana weather, these pavers tend to shift and become unleveled over time. The same happens with Belgard’s Heritage line. These pavers can be used along the border, but are not ideal for the paver patio itself. A better option is Belgard’s Metropolitan line. These pavers come in a larger formatted concrete paver, meaning the patio stones are larger. This helps with durability, as well as style. These pavers are far less likely to become unleveled, have more stylish designs, and will last a lot longer than the traditional paver patio. Platinum Patio also offers Belgard’s Natural line, which consists of more natural stones. Natural stones are more expensive, but look stunning, and are typically larger formatted stones that will work well in any patio design.

What makes a Platinum Patio paver driveway- Drive grid /base/ type of stone

Platinum Patio specializes in paver patios, paver walkways, and Paver Driveways. When building a driveway, it is important to take into account many different factors. This includes the climate and weather in Carmel, Indiana, the amount of weight the paver driveway will have to endure on a regular basis, as well as look and design. To start, Platinum Patio overbuilds our bases. We dig over twice as deep as any other patio installer in the Indianapolis area. Platinum Patio uses products such as Drive Grid. Drive Grid is a product that lines the base of the driveway area and provides extra support for cars to roll over without ruining the stone patio. The rest of our base consists of crushed limestone, flowering fabric, more crushed limestone, leveling sand, and finally beautiful Belgard pavers. The crushed limestone is super important because it doesn’t wash away with water, and allows the water to flow away from the house while also holding shape. Landscaping fabric prevents weeds, grass, and other plants from regenerating, especially with more crushed limestone on top of the landscaping fabric to hold it in place. The leveling sand helps make the top layer of the base flat so Belgard’s pavers can go on top, to create a beautiful paver driveway that will last. When building a base this way, it guarantees a paver patio that lasts and looks great for many years to come.

Paver patio Indianapolis

Difference between Hardscape and Stamped Concrete

When choosing an outdoor living space in the Indianapolis area, homeowners must decide between many factors. The weather goes through a freeze vs. thaw period multiple times a year. It is important to use pavers rather than stamped concrete. When the ground expands and retracts, the stamped concrete patio cracks due to the square foot of the concrete being so large. This does not allow the stamped concrete patio to breathe, expand, and contrast. It tends to crack and fails early.


Best Paver Patios to use

Platinum Patio specializes in patio installation and hardscape in Carmel, Fishers, and many other towns around Indiana, using concrete pavers. One of our favorite pavers is Unilock Beacon Hill Flagstone. Flagstone is classified under Unilock’s Enduracolor line, meaning it has an extra thick top coat to enhance the paver’s color and durability. We use products under Unilock’s Enduracolor line and Natural Stone such as Bluestone pavers or Ledge stone steps, rather than their Classic line due to the fact that it is so much better of a paver, and lasts so much longer. The size of the Beacon Hill Flagstone Paver is perfect for handling the freeze vs. thaw periods in Indiana. The Unilock Classic line pavers are too small, and tend to move around too much. On the other hand, installation services who pour stamped concrete patios, naturally make the slabs too large to handle the expansion and contraction of the ground and the concrete itself. This causes unleveling and cracking of the stamped concrete patio.

What is Hardscapes?

Hardscapes tend to refer to the creation of an outdoor space using brick or concrete pavers. Platinum Patio uses concrete and brick pavers, also known as patio pavers to build any design you like. We do the most extensive prep work and use the highest quality piping and other materials to make sure every job lasts and looks amazing from every angle. When building our base, we tend to dig over twice as deep as our competitors, then fill the paver patio area with crushed limestone, landscaping fabric, more crushed limestone, and finally our beautiful Unilock pavers. Limestone is used to fill rather than road gravel because it doesn’t wash away, meaning it holds the shape of the patio, while helping water drain away from the house. There is no better builder in the Indianapolis area than Platinum Patio.

Paver Patio Additions

Platinum Patio also builds retaining walls, fire pits, fireplaces, and outdoor kitchens. Our full-service landscape design and paver installation team will assist any client with a unique patio design to deliver your dream outdoor space in Indy. Retaining walls are a great way to provide extra privacy or to sit around a fire, and enjoy time with the family. We can build a circular fire pit, or a square fire pit, depending on your desired design. There are two different types of fire pits, gas burning, and wood burning. Gas-burning fire pits are connected to a gas line, that runs underground and is hooked up to the house. Wood burning fire pits on the other hand is not connected to any gas line and uses wood to ignite and continue burning. We also offer Belgard’s outdoor fireplaces, as they are the leaders in outdoor fireplaces. These structures can be built in many stunning designs and is perfect for making a statement in the backyard. Outdoor kitchens are also a great addition to any paver patio. Platinum Patio can install sinks that are connected to the house providing consistent, clean water. We also build sinks that have a water reserve underneath and can be accessed by using a foot pedal. Gas-powered Stoves are also a great addition to the sink, so families can enjoy a full dinner on their new paver patio.

Carmel Landscaping & Landscape Design

Seating and Retaining walls

Hardscaping in Indiana is becoming very popular. Many homeowners tend to finish their paver patios with a beautiful and functional retaining wall. Platinum Patio builds these walls with amazing workmanship. The functionality of these walls serves many purposes. They are used for privacy, to block off neighbors’ and to seclude your own outdoor living space. Retaining walls are also often used in Carmel, Indiana to act as a place to sit around a fire pit or a table. These retaining walls are an amazing addition to any paver patio.

Patio lighting- All types and where to install

Patio lighting is a great way to brighten up any paver patio. Platinum Patio offers many different outdoor lighting options, giving homeowners a ton of creative freedom. These outdoor lighting options can be installed in the patio stones themselves, in surrounding flower beds, and many other areas of the paver patio. Our most popular outdoor lighting options in the Indianapolis, Indiana area consist of lights that are installed in the patio itself, to light up the ground, and lights that are installed on the underside ledge of a retaining wall to light up a fire pit or dining area. They are all installed using a transformer that is connected to the outside outlet of the house. Wires are then installed within the base of the patio, are led to the desired location of the light. These lights are all LED, designed to last and stay bright.

Retaining wall around patio


Patio lighting


Natural stone vs traditional stone- Pro’s and con’s

Platinum Patio specializes in landscaping projects that involve full-service patio installation. Building a patio eliminates landscaping needs in that area, by replacing the space with a beautiful stone patio. Our design specialists will take care of all landscape designs, based on our homeowners’ desires. We serve all areas around Carmel, Noblesville, Westfield, Fishers, Zionsville, Brownsburg, and many others in the Indianapolis and Hamilton County area. Our Clients have the choice between natural stone and traditional stone pavers. Traditional stone pavers tend to have greater durability at a lower price point. These pavers are tough and provide a thick top coating that holds the color of the paver very well. They are not as vibrant as a natural stone and usually come in the shape of a square or rectangle. These patio stones fit well in the back or the front yard. Natural stone on the other hand provides even more vibrant color, and the stones are usually shaped more organically than ones in a traditional paver patio. These stones are slightly less durable than traditional pavers, meaning they scratch a little easier, but they are still used by many landscaping companies. Natural Stones tend to be more expensive, but they look amazing with their super vibrant colors and amazing landscape design. Landscape contractors will use both stones depending on the project.


Perma edge vs Traditional edges

The type of edging a patio installer uses is super important to the build of a patio. Traditional edging usually includes a thin black plastic edge that wraps around the patio. This method doesn’t look good, and the plastic edging tends to come up and out of the patio over time. Homeowners often trip on this type of edging and is not recommended for use. Instead, Platinum Patio uses a product called Perma Edge. This product is more of a cement, that lines the patio with a solid layer, to hold its shape, and doesn’t have anything that lawn care services can trip on or ruin. Landscaping services such as snow removal, mowing, mulch and sod installation, landscape maintenance, and lawn maintenance can be easily maintained right around the perimeter of the patio and walkways. Overall, Perma Edge is the best way to allow the paver patio to retain its shape while looking good, and allowing the patio to withstand more use than when using traditional black plastic edging.

Permeable Pavers vs. Non-Permeable Pavers: What’s the Difference? Pro’s and con’s

There are two different types of pavers when it comes to water filtration. Permeable pavers allow water to seep through, and lead the water on a downward slope, away from the house by utilizing the crushed limestone base underneath. This is our most popular way to build a patio in the Carmel, Indiana area. Permeable pavers allow for better aeration and filtration than non-permeable pavers. Non-permeable patios on the other hand act as a solid pieces. Water will not go through the non-permeable paver patio, but instead, run off onto the grass. Platinum Patio makes sure that whether we build a permeable patio or a non-permeable patio, water will always slope away from the house. By building a solid base, we can ensure every homeowner has proper drainage for their brand-new paver patio.

Zoning benefits for permeable patios and permeable driveways

Permeable patios and walkways provide extra zoning benefits in many towns in Indiana, Including Carmel. This type of patio does not count as a solid structure when building, so it can save homeowners when trying to figure out what they are allowed to build and what they aren’t. Typically when building a deck or a non-permeable patio, there is a certain percentage of the yard the homeowner is allowed to fill with a permanent or non-permeable structure. This is usually meant to prevent flooding or other water issues on the property. When our landscape architects design a permeable patio, walkway, or driveway, we can actually build in a much larger area without worrying about flooding or other water issues. Platinum Patio assists our clients in figuring out the best products and materials to use in Carmel landscaping. When building a non-permeable patio, it takes up buildable space from the Plat of Survey. Patios with permeable bases on the other hand do not take up zoning space on the Plat of Survey, making it ideal to build a permeable patio, walkway, or driveway, especially if it is a larger project that covers a lot of square footage across the property.

Platinum Patio Credentials

Awards and Credentials are very important to us as a company. Due to our consistent perfection in patio design, and quality workmanship in all of our installation services we have become Belgard Authorized and Unilock Authorized. This means we are recognized by the top paver manufacturers in the midwest. Platinum Patio is also recognized locally as we are members of the Onezone Chamber of commerce, the Indianapolis Chamber of commerce, the Westfield Chamber of Commerce, the Zionsville Chamber of Commerce, and a Local Home Depot Pro Contractor. Homeowners know they can trust us and our custom renovations to their backyard space. In addition, we are also rated Trex Pro Platinum and Timbertech Pro Platinum. We have over 100 Google 5-star reviews. With all of these Credentials, it makes it easy to call today to get a quote completely free.

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Patio Installation FAQ’s

Should I use polymeric sand on my patio?

Yes! polymeric sand is a great product to use when building a paver patio. This product is not built into the base but instead is spread on top of the patio stones. This allows the polymeric sand to fill the joints of the pavers, creating a nice permeable seal. The use of proper building materials along with spectacular workmanship by Platinum Patio’s crews makes for the perfect home improvement project.

How thick should patio stones be?

When homeowners are creating an outdoor living space in the Indianapolis, Indiana area and surrounding suburbs, it is important to use a paver that is around 2 and 3/8 inches thick. This is the ideal thickness for a paver in Indianapolis, and includes products such as Belgard’s Dimensions PAver under their Metropolitan line. Thinner patio stones tend to crack due to the expansion and contraction that will occur due to the weather. Thicker patio stones are also a good option but are a little more expensive due to the extra materials used to create the hardscapes.

Is gravel necessary under pavers?

In order to create a landscape design that will last in Noblesville, Greenwood, Carmel, Fishers, or anywhere in indy, road gravel is NOT the way to go. Road gravel tends to wash away very easily in the Indianapolis area, causing patios to become unleveled very easily. Instead, Platinum Patios always uses crushed limestone, which can be compacted very well, while remaining permeable so water can safely drain away from the house. Crushed limestone also helps hold the shape of the patio or walkway, making sure your outdoor space lasts.

Can you put pavers on just sand?

Platinum Patio recommends against putting pavers on just sand. Patio contractors and other patio installation services may not be as up-to-date on the building practices specially designed for Midwest weather. Sand is also not strong enough to support the patio stone, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, or fire pits. It is very important to hire a company such as Platinum Patio, to properly build the correct base for any patio project. Putting pavers on just sand is not ideal and definitely not recommended.

How do you prepare the ground for patio stones?

It’s important to hire a full-service patio installer such as Platinum Patio to take care of our clients’ specific needs. We overbuild our bases, and in ur patio design, we dig an extra square foot around the new patio to make sure the patio itself holds properly. We dig about 8-12 inches into the ground depending on the paver patio area, and fill with the most permeable materials such as limestone, landscaping fabric, more crushed limestone, and finally our leveling sand, and beautiful Belgard concrete pavers. All of our projects are finished with polymeric sand to help seal the joints of the patio, and to provide durability.

What is the best type of polymeric sand?

Platinum Patio uses only the highest quality of materials when building our patios. We like to use G2 polymeric sand to finish off most of our paver patios. There are a few other brands of polymeric sand, but we found that G2 polymeric sand looks the best, and lasts the longest when installing flagstone, natural stone, cobblestone, or any patio stone for that matter. G2 Polymeric sand is made by a company called Gator Maxx. It comes in two colors, gray and beige. Platinum Patio makes sure the polymeric sand we use matches the overall patio design to bring our clients the most beautiful project possible.

Is there anything better than polymeric sand?

No! Polymeric sand is the way to go when installing a paver patio. Other contractors may fill the joints of the pavers with regular leveling sand or another similar product. The issue with this is that regular sand tends to wash away with rain and snow, causing homeowners to refinish their concrete pavers frequently. Regular sand will also stick to and stain the pavers ruining your new patio. Polymeric sand will not wash away and stain your pavers due to the durability of the product. Polymeric sand stays in the joints of the pavers over time and is ideal for any paver patio. Using the right materials is super important when it comes to the longevity of a paver patio.

From Our Clients

Platinum Patio did a true 5-star job on our new patio, walkway and stair resurfacing. Honer and his crew made the entire process as enjoyable as any construction project can be. They took care to explain their steps and even transplanted some bushes that were displaced by the construction. Each day the site was left tidy and without debris. Highly recommended for patio projects .

Paver Patio

Jose’s crew was responsible for building our back patio. They did a fantastic job, as the final product looks beautiful. they were prompt and professional. We also had a deck put in by this company, and together the deck and patio look amazing in our backyard.

Patio with outdoor fire pit

We’re very happy with our patio. The process was very efficient – dumpster and materials were dropped off on Monday, patio finished by Thursday afternoon, and dumpster picked up Friday morning. We trusted Scott with the planning process and Saul’s crew was efficient and impressive with the work they did once work started. Our backyard looks much nicer and we have so much more useable space outside now. Looking forward to enjoy in the spring!

Paver Patio and Paver Walkway

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