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Below are some of our top Belgard building products we enjoy building with. We along with the local Belgard Team in Indianapolis are happy to answer any specific product questions.


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Belgard Pavers


Dimensions Pavers are our most popular paver. It is in Belgards’s Metropolitan line. These pavers include Textureguard, an extra layer of color and protection to make sure the pavers last decades without fading. They come in three different sizes that all fit together perfectly in a three-piece system. Dimensions Pavers come in many different colors to fit any outdoor living space. These pavers have a smooth finish on top.



Origins pavers feature a look and feel that is similar to natural stone. Its textured face of the paver provides a unique design that is easy to walk on and enjoy year-round. This paver comes in three different sizes, using Belgard’s three-piece system. Origins pavers are in Belgard’s Natural line, and also feature Textureguard. It has a great look that will last for decades.


Holland Stone

Belgard’s Holland Stone Paver is a great option to use when choosing a border stone. This paver features Belgars’s Textureguard to enhance the color of the paver. These pavers come in five different colors, but the color Bourbon tends to be a client favorite as a paver stone that surrounds the body of the patio.


Mega-Arbel pavers were created to provide the look and feel and natural flagstone. These pavers come in random shapes that will fit nicely together to make any patio luxurious. This paver can be used to build patios, walkways and driveways. Mega-Arbel pavers come in three different colors and are offered under Belgard’s Natural line of pavers.

Belgian Cobble

Belgian Cobble is listed under Belgard’s Heritage line. These pavers are more round in shape than the average paver. These stones fit nicely as a border stone to the Mega-Arbel paver and when building a permeable or non-permeable patio. Belgian Cobble comes in two different colors that can be used separately or mixed to create a multi-colored patio.

Outdoor Porcelain Pavers


Glocal is a product under the Porcelain Collection that has a similar finish to the concrete.  It comes in three different tones of gray.  This is a very simple but elegant paver that works well around pools and many other patio applications.



The Verona line is offered by Belgard under the Porcelain Collection.  These stones offer looks that match bluestone and other quarried stones.  This is a great option when wanting a quarried stone look as this will make any patio elegant.


Belgard Fire Pits and Walls

Weston Stone Fire Pit

Belgard’s Weston Stone fire pit is the perfect addition to any patio.  It comes in a round or square shape, depending on the design of the paver patio. These fire pits come in three different colors and are part of Brelgard’s Heritage line.  Weston Stone fire pits can be ignited with wood or a gas line run within the base of the patio, and connected to the house.

Ashlar Tandem 

The Ashlar Tandem wall under Belgard’s Natural line is a great addition to Belgard’s Origins paver patio. This wall can be used to create straight walls, pillars, fire pits, and steps. It has a textured finish and matches perfectly with three different color options to choose from.  This is a popular option with Platinum Patio’s clients.

Melville Tandem 

The Melville Tandem wall is a great option that matches Belgard’s Dimensions paver. These are both listed under Belgard’s Metropolitan line. It provides a smooth finish and comes in two colors, one to match brown and one that matches a gray patio.

Melville Tandem _Belgard

Fireplaces / Outdoor Kitchens


The Melville Fireplace is a great option when sticking with a smooth patio.  It pairs great with Belgard’s Dimensions paver and Melville Tandem wall. It is listed under the Metropolitan line.  Platinum Patio offers this fireplace in two different colors that fit together perfectly to create a modern look. It has a wonderfully textured finish. We also use Beaufort stones to create outdoor kitchens and bars.

Belgard 2022 - Metropolitan Collection

The Beaufort Fireplace is a great option for almost any brown-toed patio. It matches very nicely to Belgard’s Origins paver. They are both listed under the Naturals line.  We build this fireplace in the color, Shelby, with a nice black border to complement it.  Beaufort can also be used to create grill enclosures, sinks, and other outdoor living components such as kitchen counters and islands.


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